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Listened to a young girl praying at VBS yesterday.  Praying that her auntie would be released soon from jail.  That wrecked me.

Our kids (everywhere not just in the inner city) are forced to grow up too soon, seeing more than they should, being disappointed more than they should, malnourished spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Used and abused.  I hate this.

Jesus said “let the little children come to me.” The church needs to say  the same.




I know it must be hard for the ministers, priests and pastors in Boston right now.  Trying to explain the unexplainable.  The inexcusable.  The unfathomable.  To the hurting.  To those afraid and angry.

One day, awhile back, I was driving one of our pregnant moms to the doctor.  She was miscarrying.  What to say? I was stumped, I prayed and the only thing I could think of to say was, “this sucks.” I went five years to Bible College, had been in the ministry for over 20 years and that was it?  And yet, it was the perfect thing to say to her.

Life is hard. And when our hearts are overwhelmed and there are no words, God says come. Just come.  Say whatever you want, however your want. He understands. He has promised healing for hurts, and hope for hopelessness.

I know this because He has done this for me, and for the mom crying out to Him in my van that day.



My second son will be moving back to nola when he graduates from Bible College in Springfield, MO.  This kind of surprises me.  My oldest and his wife live in nola and my third is in college in nola and he and the youngest still live at home.  They all like spending time with us.  You’d think after 18 years of pretty much always being home and with me (especially!) 24/7, they’d fly far, far away!

In raising them, we knew that we were the parents, and we set boundaries, expectations,  rules, and were consistent (most of the time) in disciplining.  We all worked hard but we played hard.  We did not try to make them like us, but we apologized if we got something wrong and were quick to restore relationship.

24 years later, our adult children are also our friends and co-workers, making possible a God-called dream to plant a church in the urban center of a great city.  I can’t say enough how blessed I am : )



ImageThis is my challenge, to encourage others.  This is probably a good thing for a pastor to do (smile).  One of our mentors, a pastor in his 70’s, said that that is probably the #1 need for people today, to be encouraged.  I might just suck at this a little.  Cause I get wrapped up in to-do lists and thinking ahead to the next thing that I don’t focus on those in front of me.  This I need to do. Now. I want it to be a habit, like breathing. To see the exceptional that is in everyone and letting them know, that I see.  To encourage means to “To inspire with hope, courage, or confidence.” I know I need more hope, courage and confidence. I think I read somewhere that I will reap what I sow (wink).

Thanks Melanie @ www.OnlyABreath.com for the button!