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The New Modesty Makeover | RELEVANT Magazine


The New Modesty Makeover | RELEVANT Magazine.

I love this article!

The author is right in saying modesty is a huge and complex topic.  Here are some of my thoughts as a married, older women who has been in ministry for awhile :  )

We pastor an urban church.  Someone once told us we had a “metropolitan church” which was really nice but the truth is we are reaching the poor, the forgotten, the fragile, the lost.   I don’t care how women are dressed when they come to church! Obviously, I hope they are dressed.  And sometimes I wonder if a dress could get any shorter or tighter. But if we reach the heart and teach them they are loved, valued and accepted for who they are, the outward becomes a reflection of the inward.

We use to work with someone who felt women wearing sleeveless outfits was immodest.  I know, right? I dress to please my husband. A little paint, some controlling undergarments, a nice outfit, he’s happy, I’m happy. If I am at a church function having fun in the sun I would wear a t-shirt or sarong over my one piece bathing suit : ) But if I am just with my husband vacationing, I’d wear my sexy one piece bathing suit.  (Sadly after four children, no more bikinis for me.) And I would not have any FB pics posted. Hello.

Then for our homeschooling years, we had the blue jean jumpers.  Which I never had. But I am not going to get started on that.

I also think this conversation needs to include men dressing immodestly.  Especially men in the ministry.

Really, we need grace all the way around.  This will be a topic I’d like to come back too.

Gonna be ruminating on this for a while.

Ok I’m done.