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Pasta Jambalaya Recipe



So I made my version of pasta jambalaya tonight for one of the many missions teams that have blessed our church since Katrina. I don’t know how many times I’ve made it or how many teams have eaten it, but everyone likes it, and for all of you who asked for the recipe, here it is. This will make enough for 20 people.


Start with 1/4 cup butter. Melt in a big pan. I use a heavy roaster that I put on two burners. Add a bag of seasoning mix, (a frozen vegetable mixture of the holy trinity: celery, onion and green pepper with some parsley) and cook till soft over medium heat. If you can’t find seasoning mix, use one onion, one green pepper and a couple stalks of celery. That should do.


Now add some smoked sausage. I like Manda brand, but put in whatever you like. Two pounds should do, or more if you like sausage or less. I actually don’t know how much I put in. I had cut up 10 pounds because I buy big packages and just put some in the pan till it looked right to me. Cook this some more, till the sausage has browned. Now add minced garlic. I’ve never had anyone say I added too much garlic. So just put a couple of big spoonfuls in. I read it’s suppose to be good for you. Fry an additional minute. Add the meat that you removed from a rotisserie chicken. Doesn’t matter what flavor, traditional, bbq, lemon pepper. They all taste good in the jambalaya. Add two quarts of whipping cream. If you are watching calories and/or fat content, you can substitute milk or half and half, just mix in some cornstarch in with the cold liquid to thicken the sauce. I will use milk when I am cooking this for 100 people, cause whipping cream gets too expensive!


Add two tablespoons of chicken base, sprinkle Tony’s, kosher salt and black pepper over the mix, splash some hot sauce in, and take a teaspoon of thyme, rub it between your fingers and add to the pot. Stir. Taste. Always taste. If it tastes good to you, let it simmer while you cook pasta. Bowtie or penne works well. Add the pasta to the pot, mix well, sprinkle some parsley and that’s it. We had it tonight with rolls and fried catfish.

Here is the list of ingredients:

1/4 cup butter

Frozen package of seasoning mix


Rotisserie chicken

Two pounds sausage

Thyme, black pepper, kosher salt, hot sauce, creole seasoning (we’re pretty loyal to Tony’s)

Two quarts whipping cream

Chicken base

Fresh minced parsley or dried

Two pounds of pasta, penne or bowtie