As a pastor’s wife, Sunday services are huge. We meet the seekers, the skeptics, the sincere, lives hung in the balance, deciding for eternity.  People come needing  to be loved and encouraged, for their faith to be refreshed and renewed. To see Jesus.

I {HEART} Sundays. I go with expectation, to serve, to be poured out. But Sundays are also a “work” day and I know how I approach this pivotal time is so important. So to give my best,  here are some points that I have learned that make my Sundays great!

1. Get things (meal, outfits, lessons etc.) ready the night before.  I don’t watch TV or make plans to go out and try to get to bed early!

2. Know the triggers that will start arguments on Sunday mornings.  Avoid these triggers, obviously : )

3.  The best thing to wear is a smile.

4. Look people in the eye, give a firm handshake or hug (I love giving big momma hugs) and tell them how glad you are to see them!

5. Refuse to listen to insecurity, doubts, and fears. Have faith, believe that God is going to use you, that He is going to give you everything you need to be an instrument of His mercy.

My Sunday yesterday was awesome! Pray yours was too!




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