Dear young lady at Wal-Mart with the Victoria Secret white sweatpants.  I am not sure if before leaving your house, you actually took a minute to evaluate your outfit.  I asked my son if he happened to see you and thankfully he did not.  I am not sure I would have liked him noticing your black, distinct underwear.  When I mentioned them, he graciously said maybe you did so on purpose because you might be single and desperate.


Raising sons is not easy, raising sons to respect women and value them and not look at them as sex objects is getting harder because so many young women are buying into the lie that their worth is tied into them being deemed “sexy.”

I am training my sons that the women that catch their eye have His beauty inside and out, that “sexy” is between a husband and wife, and that one of the greatest gifts God gave man and woman should be unwrapped on the wedding night.



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