just say ok, ok?


My guy is a dreamer.  In a big way.  This has not always been easy.  Saw this today by @LysaTerKeurst, “better reactions will lead to better relationships.”  I wish I could tell my 25 year-old self to first say ok to every idea my husband told me.  Yes some were fear inducing, as in “let’s move to New Orleans with three small children and no income, to follow the call of God.” Saying ok, is an exercise in faith.  Does it always pan out? Not always.  Does my husband value me and my opinion? Of course.  I trust my husband, but I trust my God more. I used to be so quick to say all the “buts” and “what ifs” and allow fear to take hold.  Now, I take a deep breath, say ok, and wait and see Him working in me, in us and in our family.  So try it, just say ok, ok?



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